Monday, 18 March 2013

One big happy family

This is the first time I've hosted a guest post on my blog and I'm delighted to have Michael Brookes as my very first contributor. 

Michael is an Executive Producer with a leading UK games developer. Working in games and writing are two of his life passions and he considers himself fortunate to be able to indulge them both. He lives in the east of England, enjoying starry skies in the flattest part of the country. When not working or writing he can sometimes be found sleeping. Which is good as apparently that's where many good ideas come from.

He's touring the Internet this month with his 'Conversations in the Abyss' show! So now, without further ado, let me hand over to Michael.

First, let me thank Ken for inviting me to his blog as part of my month long blog tour in support of my latest novel release. We’ll get to that later. I first encountered Ken on the Kindle Users Forum, one of many communities that actively support indie writers. Soon after setting my own blog I started conducting author interviews, one of those was with Ken.

Why did I start these interviews? From the moment I released my first novel I discovered a wonderful thing – other indie authors. Indie authors are a friendly and helpful bunch. In communities like KUF and Goodreads they provide advice and assistance to other authors.

As a recipient of this help it seemed only reasonable that I return the favour, so I started conducting the interviews. At first I posted one a week, but quickly became ever more popular, so I expanded to two posts a week and recently to three.

Indie authors face a number of challenges. The first is writing a good story. That challenge is the same for any author, published or not. It’s the next step that differs. With a decent publisher then they will provide the required support for the book’s release. This includes a number of specialism’s, such as editing, proofreading and marketing.

Indie authors have to find these services for themselves and that’s where I thought I could help in some small way. Hence the author interviews. Doing so also provided another benefit. I’ve now interviewed dozens of authors, interesting characters in their own right, all with great stories to tell.
And now Ken is doing the same favour for me and allowing me to tell you about my new book. All because indie authors help each out. Thanks Ken!

‘Conversations in the Abyss’ is the sequel to the 5 star rated supernatural thriller ‘The Cult of Me’
Stealing Lazarus’s miracle gifted him immortality. Combined with his natural ability of invading and controlling people’s minds this made him one of the most dangerous people on Earth.

But the miracle came with a price. His punishment was to be imprisoned within the walls of an ancient monastery and tormented by an invisible fire that burned his body perpetually. To escape the pain he retreated deep into his own mind.

There he discovers the truth of the universe and that only he can stop the coming Apocalypse.

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A few of Michael Brookes' other books

For too long he dwelt apart, watched those who passed him by. With his unique abilities he entered their minds and inflicted terrible suffering upon them. They didn't even know who he was. The game has lasted for years, but now the game has become stale. On an impulse he decides to make a final and very public last stand. After surrendering himself to the police he enacts his plan to seize the prison for his final bloody act.

There he discovers that he's not as unique as he once thought.

A quartet of dark short stories (10,000 words) to thrill and chill.

A young demon prepares to take his possession exam.

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